Tuesday, 27 of June of 2017

Tag » glam rock


My good friend Karswell (creator of THOIA and the retro time warp that is andeverythingelsetoo.blogspot.com) turned me on to PurePop a few years ago, so it’s high time I gave him thanks. So, thanks Karswell!

Purepop is the love child of Robin Wills, the former guitarist for The Barracudas. He painstakingly hunts down long forgotten (or never noticed in the first place to be forgotten) 45 singles of all types of bands from the bubblegum/power pop/glam rock era of popular music, and posts the mp3’s of the old, crackly 45’s online for your listening pleasure! It’s one of my favorite sites for discovering new (but old) tunes, and it’s worth checking out!

And in case you didn’t know who The Barracudas are, here’s one of my favorite songs by the band, ‘I Can’t Pretend’.

The Barracudas – I Can’t Pretend