Tuesday, 27 of June of 2017

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New T Shirts Available (for the ladies!)

It’s strange how and when ideas come to me for new designs, and today was a perfect example of that. I was taking a poop earlier and my brain shouted out ‘Oh yeah, scissor me!’, which came from an episode of South Park. Then my brain said ‘Scissors are doing it for themselves.’ So, I got inspired and whipped up these designs and put them up in the t shirt section of this site. Get one (or a bunch of them) today!


Joe Dixon – Atheist Bible Study

Joe Dixon is a comedian based out of New York, and besides being a funny guy he’s also a very intelligent atheist who uses his wicked sense of humor to dismantle the Bible with his video series ‘Atheist Bible Study“.  It’s a hoot!

Here’s episode one:



Here’s Joe wearing a badtouchgoodtouch.com t shirt, that is available in the store section of this site. Special thanks go to Joe for being the first person to buy a shirt from badtouchgoodtouch.com!